Fixing the Damage

Metatopia was exceptionally fruitful. We have to give serious thanks to Avonelle Wing, Vinny Salzillo, and the rest of the Double Exposure, Inc. team for a con unlike any other.
What did we learn? The damage and combat rules were capital-B BROKEN.  Their differences with the rest of the game’s ruleset made combat slow, and non-combat challenges vague.  That from the first playtest, no less; necessity may be the mother of invention, but it’s also the mother of iteration.  We scrapped the rules for damage and attack forms entirely, and replaced them with what we call a “Condition Stack” — descriptive results from attacks, steps toward overcoming a challenge, and so forth.  
It bore fruit in the second and third playtests, where pacing was a lot quicker, the table’s collective picture of the situation at hand a lot more cohesive, and frankly, a lot more fun.  I’ve made changes to the JGR Blitz preview, available right now!  Check it out and let me know what you think.
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Saddle Shaped Projects Master Index

Hey there!

Curious about what Saddle Shaped Games is up to?  This is a master index of our projects and presence on the Internet.


Saddle Shaped’s main project is Just Got Real.  The tagline says it all; it’s a rules-light RPG for action stories of all kinds.  Focusing on quick pacing, character drama, and tight scene framing, Just Got Real keeps you on the edge of your seat like few other action games can!

Just Got Real is available on DriveThruRPG now!  A print version is coming soon.


The realm is at peace. But peace is fragile. A city-state needs protectors, those who would stand ready to protect the people when they least know they need it. Her Royal Highness the Queen, unable to have children of her own, looked far and wide across the realm for strong, capable, loyal young women who could lead the people in her stead; those women became the circle of Battle Princesses.

Battle Princess is a micro-RPG about a circle of princesses who protect a city-state from threats outside and inside its walls.  It was released as part of Two Weeks, a microgame collection edited by Dan Enders, released in the wake of the election of 2016.  It’s available for purchase for $10 from DriveThruRPG.  All proceeds from its sale go to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

Purchase Two Weeks


Measure of a Badass is our ashcan rules-heavy action game.  Imagine putting all of the nigh-invincible, unstoppable heroes of action cinema history on the same team, put them into the near future, and face them off against a COBRA-esque multinational terror organization.  If you’re thinking of The Expendables, you’re not far off!

Measure of a Badass open beta document
Facebook page


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