About Saddle Shaped

Saddle Shaped Games delivers inclusive, collaborative roleplaying games with one guiding philosophy:

We’re here to have fun.  In deference to that, everything else be damned.

If that sounds callous and carefree, it’s not — we’re all at the table to enjoy the game.  Saddle Shaped Games hopes to deliver an enjoyable gaming experience for everyone, by making our games as inclusive as possible, and allowing you to tell the stories you know and love.  But that doesn’t stop with us; we try every day to bring our best selves to our projects, but it falls to you to continue that at your table.  Support each other, raise each other up, let everyone at the table be awesome.

We know you can do it.

If you have any questions or insights, reach out to me, Jim Dagg, at james.r.dagg@gmail.com; I’d be happy to chat about our projects, other great voices in the roleplaying world, or anything at all about the discipline at large!


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